A mission and more signs (II)

The best of the day

I went to Charing cross, and i have been there twice, two weeks ago, to play guitar, still without cable, microphone or any kind thing electric; and before that, 2 months ago to preach on the place in front of national gallery, which it’s for everybody to use for art or presentation only 40 minutes. So in the moment, i turned the corner to enter in the square, I saw a couple playing music, a girl was singing and moving and a guy was playing guitar.

Then I understood: ok Father, you want I be here…where? Where there are I need to wait to finish but look the time, almost 4pm, we need to start the next service. Break is 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm. So from 4 pm to 6pm I have 1 one service, the 3rd one. So, i went to area, in front of gallery, which was empty. I went there and prepared my Brazilian flag on the floor, set up the stands, amplifier etc. And after 3 songs, I stopped and suddenly, and of course, just 1 or 2 people offered some. But doesn’t matter – important thing is; I was obeying without understand how going to finish – just doing just like:

‘Go to the nations!’

So I was singing to finish and i heard ‘open the eyes of my heart, I want to see you’. I saw a guy in yellow = which means hope. And  I sang more quiet with them, they were on the down star. And also a italian guy arrived to performance – it was a time to stop 🙂 it’s so cool. I planned a time to stop and God just send people to confirm ‘yes. Stop!’on time I planned. So it’s just confirmation because i didn’t say to anybody.

I heard voices coming from stairs and I took my things and went there to check what was happening. I spoke to guy which calls David and he was with guitar in hand and more one girl with guitar, and I said; look i was there I heard you guys, it’s just amazing to see you were singing what i singing there. Lord is amazing. I can see you all are speaking like a testimony. I can borrow the microphone and amplifier to you speak.

He interrupt the leader and leader like the idea, and said: before we carry on, why you and him sing. I said: can be someone from the group.

He said: no. you! And wow! Then I said: right…can be the same song i heard before…guys I  heard your voices, was like angels for me, singing with me.

David started to play, and to be not selfish, i put microphone to his mouth to sing…and after I sang. And of course, security man came. We can sing upstairs but not trafalgar square downstairs. I forgot once a lady stopped me because i was there with speaker 🙂

The guy came to talk to me, I just I said: ok! ( i turned of the amplifier and we all together carry one singing). I could feel his presence, holy spirit.

After, they carry on speaking on amplifier and using microphone to declare not testimonies but this morning they prayed and what they experienced until that time. They were about 50 people from USA, fathers and mothers from Coreia, that’s why all of them was like japanese 🙂 or indonesia like my friends I met evangelising as well.

Many spoke before I was there…I saw about 15 speaking,and I wanted to cry because Lord was saying in my heart: see. Be on time where I show you, I have many people to help you in this.

About eight people mentioned my name saying : they have desire to cry…or presence of shirley gave me energy, something change.

Wow! Lord saying: see! Sing! Stopping being so down. Fear and all forces against you, will disappear when you sing. I told you.

After people talking, the leader said to me: can we go up…? Right? I said: yes. And we have permission for 40 minutes. He said: ok! Let’s go to praise God.

He gave microphone to another guy and David was there with microphone, I just understood, it’s time to hear, be quite, let them use your equipment and hear 🙂

I heard 6 songs, not stopping 🙂 I could see Lord showing: I want you do like this, from one song to other song 🙂 Wow! When i was singing and playing I had this feeling ‘I start I don’t want to stop’. It was desire of God in me.

Also He showed through the guy, playing, Amazing grace and How great thou art – both song I was in mind since Saturday: they are simple, I need to learn them. They are hymns and love to sing them.

A Joy came in my heart and I felt so loved by God – and in the end, leader asked all them prayed for me, the ladies hold my hand. I cried a lot because the words the man was saying was words God said to me. He was saying: England is God’s nation!

God said to me: England is mine and you will conquer for me –  I will guide in everything.  That’s why you are so good in maps and strategy.  🙂 God made me dream more about to conquer places to him but it’s really long walk to freedom. Wow! But you need to learn how to obey me in small things like you are doing now.

Also the worshipper came to me called Caleb.I  made a joke with him: really, Caleb? I am Joshua.! 🙂

He also gave money and said: you must accept!!!

And also a card with his details wrote ‘Merci-World.Org‘, saying: write for me, please. We want to have your contact.

The most strong moment was when all of them prayed for me – wow!!!

This guy, Calebe looks like son of the leader, said to me: you blessed us a lot. We felt pressure and depression spirit but you came and just change! You don’t have idea.


Yes. I don’t. I was there just to praise Lord and happy to see his work. These guy is leaving london tomorrow morning to Germany and they go to many others crountries, just to pray for the nation. Probably is big ministry because I saw about 50 people. And many so young. Important to say they shared psalm 126, with title: restore the fortunes!


Restore Our Fortunes, O Lord

A Song of Ascents.

126 When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion,

we were like those who dream.

2 Then our mouth was filled with laughter,

and our tongue with shouts of joy;

then they said among the nations,

“The Lord has done great things for them.”

3 The Lord has done great things for us;

we are glad.

4 Restore our fortunes, O Lord,

like streams in the Negeb!

5 Those who sow in tears

shall reap with shouts of joy!

6 He who goes out weeping,

bearing the seed for sowing,

shall come home with shouts of joy,

bringing his sheaves with him.


I knew was Lord saying: it’s hard. You came down, alone, but you will be happy in the end. Can you see it? Keep working, planting seeds and you will have the harvest that I promised to you  In Joel 2. I will restore for you. Keep doing.

Wow! So powerful! They are from New York and one guy, the yellow t-shirt I saw singing when  I was singing alone, he had a eagle on back of t-shirt and front ‘a heart and a cross’. Means for me a lot, Lord knows. They are from New york and this brought in my mind a promised God told me about ‘52 countries’.


Rom 8:28

28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,[a] for those who are called according to his purpose.


Well, they gone I look time was 6:10pm – time to pray 🙂 I start to walking thinking, i should go to Piccadilly? Not turning back. Then a wonder woman dressed came in my direction giving flyer, saying Hollywood planet, I checked in the map ‘showed me this place very close to Piccadilly station’:)


Walking to Piccadilly

I saw a t-shirt art street, I understood Lord saying: can you see new strategy of evangelize. My people need to professionalize and go out. Then I remember about media what said to me: quality break the wicked and catch them.

In Piccadilly I saw a guy giving flyer about runners 🙂 like I need to do, like a car, running, walking, moving to meet my Father. He repeat the word PARA, to refer to para athletics. It’s like me: a good runner and champion but I have some ‘spiritual deficiency’, things is missing llike, fasting need to be done not only until 6pm, but 24 hours/7/21d. I gorgot how many times, I started and stopped because when I fast I start to see spiritual discerning and just scared me, like people we think are pleasing God and they are not, because God gave me his heart, I see things that he sees. Scare my. I need to learn how to use what he gave me.


After I saw, a young Camile Paul, singing quite nice voice and I though – I need to ask, if I wait, how long time. Because I understood that places for busking, people have time, it’s 40 minutes each. If it’s on, you wait for next. I looked time was 6:50 pm I desired water, I was looking for and then 7:10 pm I was there but dancing 2 boys started. I thought: my mistake.

I should do the last service 7pm on time – I made question to Camile and he was nice to answer – he had ear ring ‘beija-flor’:) a bird. I said: why?

He said: I like! It’s a bird like singer. 🙂

  • Hat – I though on Sat, Lord if you want I use t-shirt of church your name is only on the back…so not in front. Should I put you name in my hat (bone’)? When i was with USA people, I seat at floor and a girl by side me had a bone saying ‘truth’ 🙂 I wrote down JESUS. on hat on that moment. So people read in my head now 🙂 so cool to see the faces. I loved. I enjoyed.


So he could reject me because of name of Jesus, many people do, but he talked normally, and said: they will stop in 20 minutes then you do, I do after again. And I was starting to set up the equipment, he said: use only your microphone. You should have Roland amplifier ( i thought, I know but….the conditions were not like that). In the end, I used his cable, his amplifier and his microphone Shure. 🙂

When I starts was 7:30 pm until 8:05 pm I have done. I start to sing and I could read in front of me the same sentence God showed in nov 2015: Believe or not believe? And on the screen advertising saying ‘Believe!’. Wow!Yes Lord I believe. I believe I am the chosen one. I understood you don’t change.And I understood you are God and you will accomplish everything you said.

Just helped with strength because I don’t have it. Strength inside and outside, body and mind.

I  sang that 3 songs and one more, the one God gave me ‘Jesus is my pastor’. And Guess what, people collaborated – the sound to sing was just amazing. And i saw about 6 christians right side, singing with me, more watching than singing. It was new thing, because was a performance there and I was doing just by obedience. Inside of me, it was: Father really, i am not professional…i don’t know how to play.

I could feel Lord saying: you don’t practise as should.

This guy. Camile said before starts: Guitar you need to play every day.

It was a new challenge, I faced and I saw God pushing me hard to lose the fear from people, from mistake or from any kind of thought that don’t please God or focus in him. More and more He create way to make us able to the service.

The end of the day

To finish the day, it was not perfect time, but it was right place and i understood the confirming about how to move. I just i need to know, always, what s the first station then do it the 4 according to direction. As driver came to say: do not worry!

Do not worry about anything, only please and praise and pray to Lord. That’s the service.

After I finished, Christian lady from Canada came to me, and gave me £10 – so I had £60 from USA and £10 from Canada =£70 to that envelope I took yesterday:) Mission envelope number 06 – amount £70.

Even I offer all i have to God today, from bank to church, even I need to pay amplifier, stand and microphone I understood these £70 is for the church. Envelope 06 🙂 I have about 1 month envelope 7,17 and 27. I took to complete but I never did what i have done today.

Offer all, trusted in God all day, and depending on him. How long time? He showed when i was in the underground 🙂 I have only bus but you know what My Lord did for me – kindly.

I was saying bye to Camile, the wicked musician, and dancers, shaken so ugly, but Lord will save them. They heard all i sang and preached. And in the end, I could see, they were respecting me. Interesting!

So, a guy came saying: I found this ticket of underground, do you need? He said ‘no’. Then offer to me: )

Then i understood, God wants I use the ticket. Where? 🙂 I saw Bakerloo line and I understood this: or mami room or Ross house, he is a christian friend. He always helped when I need. Both live in Barkeloo line.

On the underground: I opened the bible saying: Speak to me Lord.Guide my steps.

I opened in 1 Chronicles 7 and 8. Speak about king Solomon, the wise man, celebrating for 7 days. So he didn’t saying nothing about place, but action: praise me doesn’t matter where! 🙂

Well, I think I should be really quiet with Lord, and mami room is not the best place. I should take a shower, write here quick and Go. Where? Just go my ticket goes until zone 09 🙂

It’s really new level of faith – crazy or fantastic? Anyway, I am trying to do right next steps.

Praising, practising and praying are tool to overcome any kind of rejection, liar and accuser against me.  I just i need to fix my eyes, more focused and Believe.

When I  start to write this post, I checked email, and i saw my last email was written: new song at worship together website. Love and look the name of song: Love has a name, Jesus culture.

This is what we worshipper and lover of Lord should do, straightly, spread his culture, his name and his love. Love is what saved me from death and saved me daily.

I hope you see God around you and confirming things to your hearts through the scriptures. And enjoy this beautiful song.




  • Camile Paul – there is  a meaning to me in this name as well. 🙂 but i prefer not saying now because it will long story.
  • Violeta was a woman there saying: yes. My name is Violet like flower. I came late to work today…but normally i start 10 to 6. 🙂 here is there time confirmed.
  • Lord saying to me: my flower , as he called, rose, you were late to start.
  • I understood, that I was late too today. I started 12:30pm as well.
  • Caleb as well is reference name for me, means to pray to someone, blessed my life so many time through the preaching. Lord saying to: Joshua! Enter in the land – believe like Caleb.
  • Flyer about academy


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