The Journey Begins…

Since I remembered I love to write – when I was 7 years old I remember to write quite big piece on my notebook…I confess when I was 9 years old my father made me to write down many sentences every day to fix my way to write, to be clear. Maybe was the unique athing good he taught me.

When I was 11 I started to compose melodies and lyrics, after to find mother’s notebook with poems and rhymes, i loved it. I start to write songs and melodies…I was fascinating with a player to record voice from my grandmother. I remember to pretend I was doing ‘vinheta’for radio’. I grow up singing dancing in front of TV, in the same time holding a false microfone…I remembered to ask a board to write down and it was the second good thing my far did. I had days and days, speking alone, supposing i was teaching somebody. The first person I was teaching was my sister, I was with 9 years old and she was only 4 years. I start to teach ABC for her, and put syllabes together.

So I grow up dancing singing presenting in front of tv, and teaching alone after class. When I was 11 years old, my parents divorced and we start to live all in the house of my grandmother, I remembered from that moment very well.

I was teacher during the week, using the gate, o giz pegava bem, I had a list of students…kkk, a big ruler to beat on table when i was stressed ( like i saw my teaachers in the class), and I was actress for a serial I was writing, a presenter for my TV programa ‘Conto com voce’. ( I count on you), I pretend to have cameras on me, 3 mirrors were the camera; and also had my sister as assistant on stage. It was a little bit serious cause I remembered to plan my programme during week, recording songs from radio of artists i wish on my programe, on sat.

It is long story and quite funny…Sometimes I played to be staff of company of called Hinode where I became the wife of the son owner, my mind was very creative. My mother had some papers from a cosmetic cia she used to sell. So i took some products and paper and I create list of clients, but before I was simply staff and after director.kkkk

I remember to write down on paper, 7 profession I wish to be and when I was 18 years I had so many question cause I had all that experience as I child, and when I was 16 years, my mother decided to move to middle city, and I could have choir class, dance class, teatre class, I start to loose fear of people as I was in small city where i was before.

It was long journey between Shirley with 18 years old and now, 15 years after. I lost the fear to speak….I lost the fear to risk…and I had so many more experiencies in those areas:

  • Language ( I have study to be teacher of language when I was 19)
  • Music ( I start to sing on pubs, marriages and carnival around 20)
  • Songwriting  ( I always compose since 11 …much more in the last 5 years)
  • Art ( I always worked with painting & drawing on classes. I loved to create)

In 2009, after carnivals stages, public school, interships, guitar class and more dance….I was tired. When I was 24 years old I decided to improve my english moving to London. Wow! A new and biggest journey started!




Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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