Homeless mind set.

By Shirley Smith

I always had a heart broken for poor people, for children, fragile woman and homeless people – I think since I was teenagers I remember to have a desire to help people in this kind of situation. When I faced the situation as woman faced black-mare, I felt in my skin how is terrible to feel fear all the time, a pressure that you need always to know how to feet not on eggs but right step. When I faced homeless, I could feel needs I could leave without in my body, with soul destroyed, hope zero, dreams deleted and only plans on paper. If I was compassionate, I am more now. 

I faced this pressure not have a place to stay permanent, not a place to put head or perfume or cream when I need it, or a warm place, or food like hot soap or milk, not shower when you wanted…I faced humiliation about 1 year – from this time, 2 months was really crazy and I don’t  know how I survived. I think was the calling and assurance I know who I am. After I stayed 1 year at place where was not very nice but I could take a shower and a place to put my head at least. This was enough to make feel pity of me, and make me feel without value even I always was bringing back to my mind experiences with God I had – I know he is real and I am created by him – so I am not a mistake. It’s just like Job story. He lost reputation, family, house and stay sick for a certain time. He still was praising God, never s aid word against God. I was like that.

But do you know what? there are people in the streets more than 3, 4, 5, 6 years. I talked to some and it’s just crazy to think about it. Sure. If I loose my confidence and desire to live, imagine the mind of person more than 2 years at streets or from place to place, not having proper shampoo taste, or food taste or good clothes. You just adapt so easy to survive. It’s a suffer any human being should pass, specially, with the rich world we live. Now imagine this at one of the biggest city in the world, centre of music, fashion, business…London! Yes!  Exactly in London.

Photo by Matt Collamer


I had an opportunity to be ambassador and performer volunteer in the last year, Dec 2018, at Crisis, a charity help homeless people.  And before to do that, I was already talking about it loose to other homeless people wherever I see. I also don’t a chance to say how they can give a new step, a new chance for themselves coming to Crisis and also trusting God created them to live a good life not worst. Once you understand how works spirituality according to bible, you can see how is plan of evil – it’s opposite of God. The plan is kill, steal and destroy human kind, the one created to be like the image of God. Many homeless just say: no thank you. God don’t like me or God doesn’t exist. But also I meet many love when I speak about Crisis and Christ. They feel beloved and eyes startsto shine. It’s so good to see Hope in their eyes. I give address, I give all information I can instead of ignoring like so many people, not because I am good. It’s because compassion belongs to God, and He put this in me. It’s not my glory. It’s his glory. So many people are empty and lack of love, so they can’t give what they don’t have.

So homeless people faces many rejection – it’s too many no (s) and too many ugly faces. Many simple ignore. What make me really said,  it’s to know, this dec 2018 I observed more homeless and I could count how many people are only at Stratford, more than 20 at shopping centre inside. I count on Victoria Station, more than 10 close to Westminster Catedral, close to Mc Donald. You can homeless helping homeless. It’s so nice to see a man helping your friend. I have seeing and my heart is just broken. Don’t have anything but still have something to give: kindness. Too wonderful. My eyes shines just writing right now. I saw more than 10 only around Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Rd. I could see also more than 10 aorund Charing Cross. Is it crazy? these areas are full of tourists and people buying things they ‘think’ they need. We have for sure a society, sick. 

Photo by Tom Parsons

Mind of homeless

Now, think with me, how is the mind of person facing daily struggles with basic needs and also money and problably emotional problem, maybe health. It’s damaged, destroyed if you don’t have foundation and faith in something. More than 200 people died in the last year – homeless people. We have suicides, drunkenness and druggs addicted people…living this like refugee.

It’s just deep issue for human being – rights is zero. They can get help after ask a lot, or facing no not only from society but also government, which needs to help more, needs to support more. We have churches, charities, places helping them and looks like not enough? why not? It’s missing a real compassion?

Well, here I am to discuss some topics involving  homeless because I believe there is a way where people think: no. The first to think there is no way, is the homeless.

They here so many No and when you speak a solution, they have a mind closed. They conclude this is life, it’s ok. They stop trying. They surrender to the addictions or to receive minimum. The mind become poor like the situation. The love of itself become less, self-steem is minus 1. They don’t see a light in the tunnel because what they see is. The next article will be about: how homeless can have mind set different from the situation. How to change the mind of homeless living poverty to mind of person can live well?

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You are worthy of Love


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