Being homeless doesn’t mean you must to have mind like homeless

by Shirley Smith

Here we are! I decided to write about this topic and you decide to read about it. I made it  for a purpose, specifically to someone facing homeless. So while you read, please read with a purpose to learn something new and share it.

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Photo by Calum MacAulay@calum_mac

I hope you read attentively and make some notes to help your . mind to set up how truth is, not be like you are seeing. Even if you are right now, without a place, sleeping at sofa, or at hostel where you never know the date you must to leave.

I know how is your heart. I faced it and it’s scared just to think ‘will I be homeless again?’ or ‘ I am in this place… I can stay until when?’ or ‘suddenly I need to live for some reason’. ‘Oh my God I lost the job and I need to leave where I am’. So all these kind of thoughts and experiences bring oppression and fear.

I know, you know, and unfortunately many people doesn’t know like government people. But once they faced it, they will pay attention more about how serious and deep is to be homeless. I took 2 years to start to stop worried. I took more the to rest restore my emotional and I need to use mind to not be sick mind and heart. I will take a little bit more to restore financially also I will get there. You too.

I know you face  a situation that you didn’t have where to take shower, or where to eat, or where to put your head, where money was missing but also compassion and kindness or understanding. We can say the capitalism we live or society we are,  took out your dignity, and you maybe you feel without value.

I am here to say for you. Your value is not what people say or think about you. I know the way ‘they’ look to you when we are fragile and vulnerable. Rejection make you feel self-pity; bad faces or words, make you feel down! I know. You just look like but you are not what your clothes, appearance says you are. We have in these days so nice people well dressed doing ‘stealing banks and making strategies to steal companies’’. Bank people received them well but in the end, look what happen. Appearance can be a lier.

I am here to say truth for you. The truth is your value is not in things outside, but inside. Your dreams is not based on money but what you think in you mind. Your importance is not what position people can give you, but who you really are.

You are what you think you are.

Let me share a piece of my story: I felt pity of me, I stay on pity for long time, believing what people said. The worst thing is I faced accusations that I never have done. So I faced injustice, what cause pain deeply. I lost confidence, creativity, I lost myself and desire to live because I believed to wrong people, wrong and their believes,not the truth.

After more than one year in pity, I realized I should change my way to think…and I carry one, I didn’t give up. Crisis was there to support in some point, physically but emotionally destroyed, but the art and silence moments, reviewing myself, looking back of my dreams, talking to God and paying attention where He was guiding me. Not being angry. I start to see compassion, love, lights coming down to my dark forest.

People are guided what they heard or saw it, but it’s just their interpretation what is outside. I faced so many times misunderstood and sometimes I had a chance to explain. When I had, I could see the face of person surprised, or saying ‘ah sorry, do you meant this?

I, specially as foreign in this country, I do some mistakes in language or also in my way to express and this can cause a wrong impression of me, make me feel, unable. But I avoid that. Because my intelligence is not guided but words I know or don’t know.

I had a moment I was in silence, and scared, and I didn’t know how to duel or sort it out.

I am here to say: make notes for yourself, to use for your mind set. Words has power you must to know. You must to use your mouth to  what you are and want to happen to you.


Changing words change your thoughts what means? This can change your behaviour/mood.

Number 1: Never says ‘I am not very good’.

Stop. Never says that! I who I am, there is no one on earth like me.I am unique. Says that to you now. Even in silence, inside of you to you.

Do you know how many people we have in the world? 7.3 billions. And in London? 7.3 millions and you are part of this city, cold but full of opportunities and organisations, people still wants to help. Help yourself!

Change for: I am what I believe.  I believe I am very am unique person in the world for unique purpose.

Number 2:  NEVER THINK that!  “I’ll never find anything or anyone better; this is as good as it gets.”

You must to decide not to live this situation. you will have better moments. You will meet the right people and right place to be. You can’t conform or accept this situation that hurts you or make you suffer. Change your mind, change your words, and you will change world around.

Change for: I’m not ok with this situation. I am alive while I am alive, everything is possible. It will be better days in my life with right people.

bin sentence

Kyle Glenn@kylejglenn

Number 3 : Never says  “I’m afraid — therefore I can’t.”

You can say ‘I am afraid’ Ok! But think like this: Be afraid and Do it anyway. Just do it as Nike says 🙂 We have ‘NO’ already. Try it, you can get YES. If you don’t try, how you will know?    I read this week: It’s okay to not know it’s not okay to not try. 🙂

Number 4: Don’t repeat this sentence ‘ I don’t care, nobody cares’.

No No No. Ops stops! If somebody don’t care, ignore them, ignore who ignore you. Even do not answer the person because it is not worth it. You must care of you heart. Do not be offended. How to duel with stupid people, or who has not compassion? Mercy of them.

It’s a person lacking of love. so who is poor is the person. People can give what they have. If the person don’t help you, it’s a person do feel compassion, it’s lack of compassion. Poor person. Do know how to put in your place and understand you and she has the same desire and needs.

If the person is arrogant or don’t care with you, it’s not your fault or personal problem. it’s because there is lack of  Love and a person believes according to her education and culture, her own believes based in something but not very human.

You keep your values and be yourself, and  leave others doing wrong. Not you!!! Let people ignore you, you don’t ignore those needs you  – to not be hypocrite.

For example, If you believe, you learned that you can’t not steal mobile because you understand it’s wrong; honesty is there, so this is your value.

If you think, to be on time 100% is important because you think about a person. I hate make person waiting, so I will be on time. So your value is punctuality. I must to change my mind set for this – to give  value for that.  Maybe you have it already I don’t. You see.

But at least we are aware, then we have a chance for changing. The problem is when you must to change and you don’t realised because you are not aware what is happening. Wake up!  🙂

Photo Word focuses photo by Romain Vignes@rvignes

In life, we have only two paths: right or left, black or white, up or down, love myself or pity of myself, poor or rich, honest or dishonest, with home or without home…What is something in the middle, brings confusion. Simply, your yes, be yes and your No, No. Anything more comes from uncertain, and uncertain things brings confusion in mind.

So what’s the secret to know my values and stand firm?

1.Review yourself every night if you can, think what you have done and said during day. 2.Or every week, take time to review your week what was right, what was wrong. Then next time you do different until you do better.

3. Repeat. When you repeat the action, and repeat again, you will start to set up a new mind set of thinking and behavior.

4. You can also ask God if you believe in him to help to forgive those against you, and heal your heart to be like child. Even Dale Carnegie, famous authour in america for business man, gives this tip: praya.

5. Ask patient and transform you more like God: kind, not envy, not proud, not boast, not keep wrong of people in your mind and heart.

6. Make plans long term and also daily – even there is no plan. Dream and try to follow the steps you plan.

7.Be strong to adapt. You will be stronger to help others. It’s just a time of learning. Move on. Step by step. You will be where You deep heart desire.

be happy alex
Photo credits to Alex Block @alexblock photo Be happy

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