Woman Homeless – A surviver : Shirley’s story

Article by George Orlney

“I first came to England out 10 years ago to learn English. I only meant to stay for eleven months, but I became a journalist for a Brazilian newspaper from 2010-2014, and I was also singing, and teaching children on Saturday mornings. I loved London. Even the weather.

I never expected to be homeless. I was living a normal life. I was so happy with working at the newspaper, singing and teaching. I was also starting a full-time business studies course and serving at my church. But suddenly, I had a difficult situation with my family and my church which is hard to explain, and afterwards I became very depressed and lost touch with people. I had nowhere to go. I lost the desire to live, to work, to study. I went to the doctor who put me in touch with social services. They found place in a hostel for women only, but there were so many people with such serious problems. I couldn’t believe I was there. In the same year, March 2016 my father died in Brazil and I never got the opportunity to speak to him beforehand.


READ MORE: https://www.crisis.org.uk/get-involved/everybody-in/bulletins/shirleys-story/




A speech at Southwark Catedral, Dec 2018.
Performer Volunteer & Ambassador of Crisis Christmas, Dec 2018.











Cover of 1st Cd Light in the Darkness. Jan, 2019. She starts this cd, recording on Crisis Studio. Photo Bia Bragu
From homeless woman to business woman. This T-shirt is one of many designers by  Shirley Smith. She created in the middle of hardest moment her life ideas for t-shirts and after a shop: #Loveneverfails. She could apply business plan at  charity. She got granted to start up. Photo by Jeff Hubbard.




SS Shop Instagram @Shopdjscouk
SS Mission @lovelife.charity
Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Designer
+44 (0) 7930828242

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